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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The audio anarchist

... strange shot in company of Kanno-san and Jean Hiraga sensei-san...

I look Frencher than Frenches... sort-of  '68 anarchist;-)

The Audio Anarchist?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Utsuwaryori Sano - 125-2 Narahara - Asakura - Fukuoka-ken

Such an experience: I went at this countryside, one-Michelin-star restaurant with some friends, during my recent Japanese journey...

I enjoyed the few hours I spent at this place immensely, enjoying both food, so light, tasteful and elegant and the conversation.

Only hope I'll be able to return in the near future with my wife... how she would have enjoy the overall atmosphere and food.

Thanking Tim, Oliva, David and Glenn for being part of such a perfect day... and to the chef for the above edible beauty.

Domo arigato gozaimashita.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weirdo in Tokyo

A British-made tonearms servicing center in Tokyo...

... or not?

EMT 930st - time to let it go... gone!

Japan random pixies and thoughts

I'm really far too close to the recent Japanese experience and am not in the mood to put a decent review of what I heard and enjoyed...


I'd say over-dosed by audio?

Maybe... but never of music, of course.

Sure I'll share with you, folks, a true personal (universal?)  belief: technical redundancies and musical bliss not always come hand-in-hand!

Shinzo's system at his superb music-bar in Fukuoka, with BHT amp, Westrex Acoustilens speakers, EMT 930st, Marantz model 1 preamps and Revox G36s was - maybe - the best overall sound.

Kato system in Toyama was another league, so talking about viable music systems...

Sato-san in Sapporo was so elegant, yet sound-wise, quite "slow", hi-fish/coldish, uninvolving.

Kyohara's WE16s system in Ukiha? What a system, visually so impressive, unique!



Yoshihara's system and his private pole?

Impressive system, but... sound-wise?


A big lesson: everything sounds, yet music only seldom blossoms.

Tubes are cool, sought-after... but solid state is able to sound much better, in some systems.

I'm just suggesting the mixed-feelings I got after listening to 12 (twelve) different systems in Japan: the exotica of every given installation, gear-wise, cannot be splitted from the musical result, period.

The above just hinted personal opinions are - of course - music-only related, with my deep concern about people and their efforts and expenses, who/which I sincerely appreciate and respect.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Highphonic DL 103 PRO

A Denon?

No, it's an Highphonic DL-103 PRO MC Cartridge. 

Proudly made in Japan. 

This is a Professional model masterfully processed by Highphonic.  

The DL-103 PRO was improved at several levels: at compliance of vibration-system (cantilever and elastomer) and conical diamond, specially selected.

These mods give (much) improved, highest resolution.  

DL-103 PRODL-103DL-103R

Highphonic's Custom ModelDENON's Original ModelDENON's Original Model
TypeMC Stereo CartridgeMC Stereo CartridgeMC Stereo Cartridge
Output voltage
(1kHz, 50mm/s horizontal direction)
Channel balance at 1kHz1 dB max.1 dB max.1 dB max.
Channel separation at 1kHz26 dB min.25 db min.25 db min.
Electrical Impedance38Ω40Ω±20%14Ω±20%
Stylus tip0.2mm square solid diamond0.2mm square solid diamond0.2mm square solid diamond
Stylus tip radius16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip
Tracking force2g-2.5g2.5g±0.3g2.5g±0.3g
Frequency response20Hz to 55kHz20Hz to 45kHz20Hz to 45kHz
Cartridge weight8.5g8.5g8.5g
Load impedance100 Ω min.
(10-38 Ω when using a transformer)
100Ω min.
(?? Ω when using a transformer)
100 Ω min.
(40 Ω when using a transformer)

The DL-103 PRO is used in FM broadcasting stations and studios... and in cherry-picked audio systems worldwide. 

A real, affordable, no-frills masterpiece!


M.O.C. 2017 - what I missed...

... in my humble opinion, what I missed at last M.O.C. 2017 audio fair is...

Heco Direkt


No MagicoWEVivaMarkLevinsonNagraetc.?


IMHO, these speakers represent the new age of audio, where industry understands - at last - what music lovers look for: real music for real gears and ears, no hyped technical redundancy!

A new product respectfully hinting to classic vintage Saba, Grundig, Telefunken bicone wide-band speakers we all love.

I wish them to sell tons of these nice, no frills speakers... correctly priced at EUR 2,000.00/pair.

Audio made for cool people, not idiotphiles!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

日本の冒険 # 2 - Premium Music - Mayo Nakano Trio - Scabious

Bought this disk from Tim de Paravicini... he's VERY seldom wrong: amazing sound quality and great music... read at the impressive technical details, including the 1 inch/2 tracks/30 IPS Studer mastering machine...

Look for it and order from the label or on Amazon... you won't regret.